January, 09/2019

New Contribution Scheme for Independent Workers

The deadline for delivery of the Quarterly Declaration through Direct Social Security is in place until 31 January.

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August, 10/2018

Deadline for SME certification ends today

It is intended for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to prove that they have this status and to entities of the Administration or registered with it, who are required to require proof of SME status for administrative

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August, 07/2018

Tax holidays

"Tax holidays are just as important as court vacations." Interview with Paula Franco, OCC Staff.

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July, 27/2018

Self-employed workers

Conference on the change to the contributory scheme for self-employed workers.

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July, 02/2018

Electronic notifications

Get to know the statements made by the staff in relation to electronic communications.

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June, 27/2018

Scheme for self-employed workers

Find out what were the changes to the self-employed regime.

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May, 28/2018

Statement of income

Attention to the deadline for delivery of the declaration of income for the year 2017, it is already on the next Thursday the last day, do not leave for the last.

April, 02/2018

Technical problems in the Finance Portal

Be aware of Technical Problems in the Finance Portal

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March, 26/2018

Fines and interest

Learn more about the fines and interest rates applied by tax misconduct.

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March, 22/2018

Direct Debit in the Finance Portal

Learn how to join and manage direct debit authorizations with finances.

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January, 29/2018

Changes in salaries 2018

Salary processing is different in 2018. Learn what has changed.

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January, 25/2018

Updating the household

Update the aggregate and housing in the Finance Portal. You have until February 15 to do so.

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January, 08/2018

Analysis of OE2018 by OCC

Made available by the OOC, the analysis to OE2018 is now available for consultation.

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January, 02/2018

Fiscal Agenda for January 2018

Made available by the finances, the fiscal agenda of January counts on the obligations of the bonds and with the payment obligations for 2018.

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December, 27/2017

New law of green receipts

Discount reduces to 21.4% The discount rate paid by the self-employed worker drops from 29.6% to 21.4%. The relevant income corresponds to 70% of the average remuneration of the last quarter (instead of being the last year).

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