Who we are?

A Varistos – Apoio à Gestão, Lda., doravante denominada por Varistos, tem sede na Estrada da Quinta do Cabeço, nº21 Areirinha, 2510-330 A-dos-Negros, Óbidos matriculada na conservatória do Registo Comercial de Caldas da Rainha sob o número único de matricula e identificação de pessoa coletiva 509 448 453, com o capital social de € 7.000,00.Varistos - Support Management, hereinafter called Varistos, is headquartered at Estrada do Quinta do Cabeço, No. 21 Areirinha, 2510-330 registration and identification of corporate body 509 448 453, with a registered capital of € 7,000.00.

The privacy policy is a fundamental commitment for Varistos, in order to make known to its users the form and purposes of the treatment of the information obtained, what is the retention period of them, as well as to make known the rights of the holders. data and the means that may be used to contact Varistos.

This Policy applies to the Varistos brand in mainland Portugal. Under the brand operate other legal entities, namely the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain, Macau, Mozambique, Poland and Guinea-Bissau. Each entity is a separate and independent legal entity. Neither of these entities has any responsibility for the acts or omissions of the other entities.

What types of data do we record?

In the development of the Rendering of Services, Varistos has a legal obligation to collect data and information; This information is considered confidential by our information security policies.

When subscribing to our Newsletter, you will be required to fill in the required fields, namely Email, First Name and Last Name, with the remaining fields available as optional. This data will be stored in our database for Communication Marketing purposes and will be stored for a period of ten years.

For the purpose of Recruitment and / or the effect of Jobs Wanted, whether made available on online platforms or our website, we will always ask for First Name and Last Name, the candidate's preferred means of contact, as well as upload the Curriculum Vitae. This information collected will be stored in an internal bag for a period not exceeding six months after the end of the initial process.

Who has access to the data collected and where is it stored?

The data collected may be accessed by those responsible for the areas or services they are intended for. Varistos stores the data collected on subcontracted servers located in the European Union, so we have taken contractual measures necessary to ensure that our subcontractor respects and protects this personal and sensitive data.

Existing links on our websites

Our Website contains links to websites of entities outside Varistos, legal entities operating under the brand and / or similarly external email addresses. This Policy does not apply to such websites and / or addresses, so Varistos is not responsible for the content provided by them.

Exercise of your rights

The data subject may at any time ask Varistos for information regarding the data we hold about him or her, request its correction, portability and / or deletion and also claim his right to be forgotten. You may also object to their treatment, except for information and data collected / obtained under our services that are covered by the legislation in force. These requests should be sent to the Data Protection Officer at geral@varistos.pt, proving the ownership of the data.

Privacy Policy Changes

Varistos reserves the right to make changes or modifications to this Policy at any time. Modifications or alterations are effective upon posting on this platform and will always refer to the date of their last update.

Last Update Dateo:
Februrary, 21, 2019